Space Colony : Galaxy City
Space Colony: Galaxy City is one of the most unique app on the market! Space Colony: Galaxy City is not just a strategy game! Build your own space city from the smallest buildings to skyscrapers, increase population and develop you megalopolis! Who said that there is no life on another planets? Whole city full of life and significant events stands on peaceful green land. Its population is numerous settlers who live in high skyscrapers and wonderful houses with nice backyards. Only you can make the population live happily, because it is your space city, it is your new colone on unknown planet! Space Colony: Galaxy City is a game which will enthrall you forever! Don‘t wait and build a magnificent residential place for your settlers! Can you become a great architect and builder and construct a whole new modern city with a complex infrastructure, with power stations, water supply and transport system? Create your own space megapolis, build planetariums, mining factories, repair workshops and spaceports and develop the own space city of future! Can you do that? Yes? Great! But it is not single your task! Rule in the city, grow up economics and earn money! Your settlers will be happy if you will be a perfect ruler. All architects and builders are waiting for your command! The place for construction and all building materials are prepared! So, start to build a megapolis of your dream! Create a magnificent space city - the center of the Universe!
Space Colony: Galaxy City is a realistic super simulator of megalopolis! Everyone loves space adventures! But what about to have your own space city? And you can become its owner and ruler! You can build a modern houses, building or perhaps an entire district! But can you construct a huge megapolis? See if you can be a wonderful architect, see how well you can construct as a builder and how good you are as a ruler of whole city with a gigantic infrastructure with power stations, water supply, spaceports, repair workshops and transport system! Earn money and keep an eye on happiness of your settlers! Enjoy the life in your own space megapolis!