Farm Craft
Farm Craft is an absolutely new craft-style farm simulator which can impress all fans of agriculture! It is extremely boring just grow plants and harvest ripe fruits, just to be a farmer and harvester. Meet a significantly extended new farm game where you can not only harvest, but also construct buildings and water supply systems, increase the population of your farm, take care of your settlers and earn money of course! This enthralling and entertaining game is not just a farming simulation where you can be a harvester. It is a strategy game! Plan your strategy in the right way and your farming business will be incredibly successful! You can develop the best agriculture ever! Spread your farming beyond the garden bed, breed different animals, build a efficient infrastructure with resident districts, design water supply system and earn money! Not only a garden bed at your disposal! Whole village and its settlers is your! There’re no limits! Choose the right strategy to develop your farm and use all your fantasy to build the best farming village! Start to complete missions and become a great farming businessman in this fantastic Craft-style World!
Farm Craft is a realistic agricultural craft-style farm simulator! Simple games with a garden beds are boring! This farm story will help you to become rich and also make your leisure time the most entertaining. There is everything you need to develop your village and farming business with a big pleasure, entertainment and funny pastime! Plunge yourself in the awesome agricultural world of Farm Craft! Harvest plants and become the best farmer, construct buildings, create complex infrastructure! Make the population of your village live richly and happily! You can be a great farming businessman! Use your entire potential, construct an efficient farm and develop a perfect village with a happy settlers!